Short-term Connectivity

With the challenges we are all experiencing at the moment there has been a significant increase in the number of people working from home and using their home broadband to communicate via video and for on line meetings, combine this with the number of people on furlough that will be utilising home broadband for streaming and gaming etc, as well as the kids that are off school and you can imagine the strain that this is putting on the fixed line networks.

We are getting an ever increasing number of calls suggesting that there is not enough bandwidth on home based solutions to meet the requirements.  Frustrated end users who can’t stay connected, are experiencing buffering on calls and struggling to screen share – all due to bandwidth issues.

In order to help you and your business stay ahead of this we have created some short term propositions that will enable your team to have a dedicated broadband connection at home that is just for your business operations.

We are now able to offer you a 4G solution that includes an all you can eat unlimited data tariff, a pre-configured plug and play router on a 3 month plan with a single monthly payment and no upfront costs. If the device is still being used after the initial 3 months term the cost of the hardware will have been covered,  so the monthly charge for the solution will drop down to just £48.13 (ex VAT) to cover the data subscription. It also acts as a great failover solution for the office in the future.

There are two variants, a base level router designed for the single user and we also have a higher spec device for those that are likely to want multiple users in the same property.

Find out more or get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements!

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